Kalinin Diocese in the Postwar Period (1945–1953 biennium)


Issue: № 4. 2016

Heading: History of Russia


Kalinin diocese, the parish system in the USSR, social support of the clergy, State-church relations.


In the article considered the organization of internal church and parish life after the so-called change in the state-church relations in Kalinin diocese. Based on the analysis of little-known documents deposited in Tver (Kalinin) diocesan archive, the author reveals the essence of the contradictory processes characteristic of the Orthodox community in the post-war period. Along with some positive changes: the restoration of the parish system, social support supernumerary clergy, the gradual restoration of civil rights believers, pointed out the problems associated with the lack of church buildings, clergy shortage for serving, poor monetary maintenance, fragmentary form of education of clergy, inner diocese conflicts, and so called false spirituality. It seems that these contradictions provoked secular power to intervene in the internal church affairs.