Problems of implementation of minor copyright for the results of intellectual activity in the Russian Federation


Issue: №2 2016

Heading: Constitutional and municipal law


The author comes to the conclusion that the new wording of the civil legislation establishing the volume of legal capacity of minors in implementing them along with the author's other intellectual property rights, in particular, whether the exceptions of article 26 of the civil code provisions on the ability of minors at the age from 14 till 18 years independently exercise their copyright on intellectual property. The work is intended for students, graduate students and law professors, scientific employees of legal research institutions, and specialists whose activity is connected with protection of rights and interests of minors.


The work is devoted to the analysis of the legislation on the copyright and other intellectual property rights that may belong to minors, as well as the problems of selfrealization of their copyright. The main goal of this work is to assess the current legislation regulating civil and labour legal capacity of minors from the viewpoint of its conformity with the objectives of full protection of their rights and interests in the exercise of the rights to results of intellectual activity. The study posed in the problem were used methods of analysis and synthesis, system analysis, formal-logic, dogmatic, normative, comparative legal and other methods commonly used in law. When writing the scientific work taken into account the information contained in the monographs, dissertational works, scientific papers and textbooks as at 1 December 2015.