Principles for penalties as a punishment


Issue: №1 (61) 2020

Heading: Tribune of young scientist


Keywords: fine, criminal punishment, court, property assessment, proportionality, property status.


This article discusses the current issue of the practice of imposing a fine as a punishment. The options for imposing a fine as the main or additional form of criminal punishment are analyzed. Legal proposals have been made regarding the practice of applying the provision in question, since the courts, when imposing a fine, do not take into account its proportionality with the real income of the convicted person and do not take into account the actual possibility of paying it. As a result, funds are not being received in the corresponding budgets and the effectiveness of the chosen measure in relation to the guilty person is significantly reduced. The criminal penalty in the form of a fine must be enforceable, otherwise the meaning of this punishment will lose its significance and relevance.