Features of victimological prevention of road crime


Issue: №3 (63) 2020

Heading: Topical issues of public law


Keywords: safety, car, transport, road, crime, victim, prevention, victimology.


The article analyzes the current state of careless road crime, actualizes the need for scientific research in this area due to the " complication " of the mechanism of committing road traffic crime by implementing the results of scientific and technical progress. The authors assert the need for further scientific and practical developments in the field of preventive measures that are applied not only to the perpetrators of accidents, but also to other road users who can provoke an emergency or stressful situation by their actions or inactions. The article provides a scientific review of the authors ' scientific works concerning the stages, essence and tasks of individual prevention of road crime. There are discussions about the goals and levels of individual accident prevention. Victimological prevention is seen by the authors as a separate, noteworthy direction in the field of effective road safety in Russia. Specific suggestions and recommendations are made to prevent accidents in general, as well as measures to work with risk groups belonging to the category of likely victims of accidents.