Issues of development of historiography of P.P. Maksimovich tver women's teacher's school in 1991 – 2020


Issue: №3 (63) 2020

Heading: Issues of state history and law


Keywords: Russian Federation, Tver region, history of pedagogical education, P. P. Maksimovich school, P. P. Maksimovich, historiography, Tver state University.


This article is the second in a series of essays on Tver women's teacher's school of P. P. Maksimovich historiography. The article deals with the general characteristics of the historiography of the teacher's school that was formed in 1991 – 2020. The school of P. P. Maksimovich laid the foundations of pedagogical education in Tver region, and later, along with Tver teachers' Institute, became the basis for the formation of Tver state University.