A new doctrine of food security of the Russian Federation: legal and technical and ideological aspects


Issue: №3 (63) 2020

Heading: Tribune of young scientist


Keywords: national security, food security, federalism, sustainable rural development, strategic planning, agriculture, agricultural law, social security law.


The article discusses the features of the content of the Food Security Doctrine, approved by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on January 21, 2020. A legal and technical analysis of the structure of the document is given, its relationships with other acts of strategic planning, as well as sources of agricultural law at the federal and regional levels, general provisions of international law are examined. The author analyzes the new and adjusted (in comparison with a previous similar act) principles and priorities of state food policy, the expansion and specification of the powers of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the field of food supply for the population, sustainable development of rural territories.