Legalisation of the concept of "family member": cross-industry approach


Issue: №4 (64) 2020

Heading: Tribune of young scientist


Keywords: family, family member, cross-industry approach, effectiveness of legal regulation, relatives.


Effective mechanisms for resolving family conflicts that can potentially happen within each family promote the creation of optimal conditions for the implementation of state family policy. The object of the study is the relationship connected with the definition of the concept of "family member". The purpose of the article is to substantiate and formulate the definition of "family member". The article uses the dialectical-materialistic method, analysis, system approach, dogmatic-legal, and legal modeling. The author proposes the approach to understanding the definition of "family member" that is based on the provisions of branch legislation and judicial practice. The author concludes that it is necessary to legalize the concept of "family member" as a social and legal phenomenon.