Use of the term «memory» in designation of concepts in the system of non-material values


Issue: №2 (66) 2021

Heading: Topical issues of private law


Keywords: memory, non-property values, constitutional values, memory of defenders of the Fatherland, protection and protection of the memory of ancestors (memory of the dead), private life, the right to privacy, intangible benefits


The article deals with the legal significance of the category “memory” and its place among allied categories and notions. Despite its multidimensionality the term “memory” is used for defining and securing in the legislation of the Russian Federation, separate notions in law branches which perform functions determined by characteristics of industrial regulation. Signs of the concept of "memory" as an intangible value are formulated. The connection of this concept with the right to privacy and its inviolability, with the right to health is substantiated.