Key features, inconsistencies and gaps law on "garage amnesty"


Issue: №2 (66) 2021

Heading: Topical issues of science and law enforcement practice


Keywords: a garage, the indoor parking space, garage cooperative, "garage amnesty", the real estate, real estate, real estate object, the earth, the land plot, the property right, the simplified paperwork order, a capital construction project, unauthorized construction, the parking place, land and property relations.


The article considers topical issues of recognition of ownership of garages as real estate objects and land plots on which they are located, in the light of the adoption of the Federal Law of April 05, 2021 No. 79-FZ. This law is designed to allow citizens to formalize garages and land under them under a simplified scheme and received the name of the law on "garage amnesty." The article discloses the essence of innovations, highlights their key features, describes the conditions for registration of citizens' rights to garages erected before December 30, 2004, and land plots on which such real estate objects are located. Along with the many positive aspects of the law in question, the article outlines the difficulties, contradictions and gaps contained in the law on "garage amnesty," which can in practice lead to additional disagreements and judicial disputes.