On the question of criminal legal protection of private life


Issue: №2 (66) 2021

Heading: Topical issues of science and law enforcement practice


Keywords: information security, privacy, motives, purpose, surveillance economics, personal information, personal data, Internet.


The article examines the features of the commission of crimes that infringe on the inviolability of private life. Examples of judicial practice are given, demonstrating the variety of methods and techniques used by persons who violate the relevant criminal law prohibition. The goals and motives of committing the crimes under consideration are analyzed. The nature and degree of their social danger are determined depending on these signs of a socially dangerous act. The most widespread attacks on privacy by large companies. It seems that there is a need to introduce various measures aimed at limiting the spread of the "surveillance economy". Information security is an integral part of overall human security. Criminal legal means should be used to prevent the commission of the relevant acts. One of the options for solving this problem may be the addition of articles 137, 138 with qualified compositions providing for criminal liability for employees of legal entities. In addition, it may be necessary to introduce a new article into Chapter 26 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Another way of solving the problem under consideration could be the creation of a separate section (or chapter) in the Russian criminal law, the object of which would be information security.