Structuring a special part criminal law (on the example of the France criminal code)


Issue: №4 (68) 2021

Heading: Topical issues of public law


Keywords: the special part of the criminal law, the criminal code, the structure of the French criminal code.


The structure of the Special Part of the current French Criminal Code has been analyzed. Structural components in their interconnection have been considered. The structural units of the French Criminal Code and the current Russian Criminal Law are compared. The French Criminal Code includes components that are unusual for a Russian lawyer (for example, books, departments, subsections, paragraphs Their number significantly exceeds the number of structural units in the Russian criminal law. The author examines the features and structure of each structural unit. It is drawn attention that the Special part in the French Criminal Code is not singled out as an independent structural component, but according to the content, books can be attributed to it. , starting with II. Each of the books has its own structure, internal numbering. Moreover, none of the books that can be attributed to the Special Part contains the entire list of structural components. crimes (they open a special part of the French criminal law also crimes against the person), their content is different.