On a comprehensive understanding of asylum by law


Issue: №1 (69) 2022

Heading: Topical issues of science and law enforcement practice


Кeywords: integrated approach, international law, domestic law, asylum, right of asylum, right to asylum, human right to seek and enjoy asylum, state's right to grant asylum.


This article is devoted to a comprehensive analysis of the concept of the right to asylum. At the same time, asylum is rightly considered in international and domestic law as a legal institution, actual action, the right of a person to seek and use asylum, the right of the state to grant asylum, the subjective right of the state and individuals in the relevant field, the principle of non-extradition for political offenses, etc. an integrated approach was actively used to identify the legal essence of the institution of asylum. It is shown that the principle of humanism rightfully lies at the heart of the modern complex understanding of asylum.