Accepted for publication:
- scientific articles of candidates and doctors of  sciences up to 1 printed sheet (40 thousand characters with spaces);
- scientific articles of postgraduate students and applicants up to 0.5 printed sheet;
- scientific reports,  reviews up to 0,3 printed sheet.
The materials are sent by email to the editorial board of the magazine at the address: or providing by author to the address: 170021, Tver, 2nd Griboedova st, building 22, room 219.

Requirements for the design and content of materials

I. General Requirements to the design  and content of the materials

Submitted manuscripts should conform to the magazine themes, should be original, not previously published in other print or electronic media.
The text of the article should be typed in Word, font Times New Roman, font size - 14, line spacing - 1,5, indentation - 0.8 cm, margins, top, bottom - 1,5 cm, left - 2 cm, right - 1.5 cm, the page numbering is continuous, starting with the first. Footnote to citations are placed at the bottom of the page. At the end of the article is located the list of used literature.
The beginning of the article should contain the following information about its author:
          - number in  electronic library
- surname, name, patronymic of the author (in Russian and English) (WITHOUT CO-KRASHENY!);
-  academic degree, academic title (in Russian and English);
- post, place of work (if any, in Russian and English) (NO ABBREVIATIONS!);
- contact information (postal address, e-mail);
- the title of the article (in Russian and English);
- annotation (100-250 words) (in Russian and English);
- key words (8-10 words) (in Russian and English).
Annotation in English to the article should be:
- informative (shouldn’t contain common words);
- original;
- informative (to reflect the main content of the article and the research results);
- structured (to follow the logic of the article);
- written by quality English language;
- compact (fit in 100 to 200 words).
          In translation of annotations must be used special English terminology.
At the end of the article shall contain information about the author and the correct link to the article (page numbers specifies edition).

II. The rules of specifying of the footnotes and bibliography (list of references)

The correct description of the sources used in the references is a guarantee that the cited publication will be considered in the evaluation of scientific activity of its authors and organization, region, country. By citation of the journal is determined its scientific level, the authority, the effectiveness of its editorial board, etc.
The most significant components in bibliographic references are 1) names, 2) the titles of journals, books, conferences, 3) output. For ensuring that all authors of the publication were taken into account in the system, it's necessary to add all authors to the description of the link while transliteration. 
The name of article should be shown in italics.
The references to the sources of borrowed material are binding.
In the list of references should be at least 10 sources. At least 2-3 of the source it's the works which published in the last 5-10 years. 
Examples of the design of footnotes are placed in Appendix 2.
Manuscripts that do not conform to rules will not be considered. Submission of previously published articles is not allowed.

Rules of reviewing materials sent to the editorial board

1. Submitted manuscripts will be assigned a registration number (the number will be sent to author by e-mail)
2. The editors do not assume the obligations on terms.
3. Upon receipt of the article from the author, the editors send it for review to the reviewer who decides about the possibility of publishing the article.
4. Basing on the review, the editorial Board takes the text for publication, or informs the author about the rejection.
Only when two copies of the license agreement are signed by the author (Appendix 3) article will be published in the Vestnik of TSU, series: Pravo.
Articles of graduate students, applicants will be accepted if there is a review of the supervisor. Subsequent external review is not excluded. The fee for the publication of manuscripts graduate students are not charged.
Full-text online versions of editions of the magazine “Vestnik of Tver State Univesity. Series Pravo” can be found in the scientific electronic library of Tver State University on the website and on the web site of law faculty